Saudi Arabia, which killed international news reporters by the killing of Turkish journalists, may not know what kind of roots this country has.

Junior high school and high school social studies textbooks only describe things like “a country rich in crude oil.” This time, I would like to summarize what kind of country this Saudi Arabia is.

1. Basic data of Saudi Arabia

Official Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Population: 32.28 million

Area: 2.15 million square kilometers (approximately 5.7 times of Japan)

Ethnicity: Arabs

Language: Arabic

Religion: Islam (mostly Sunni)

The religion is predominantly Sunni Muslim. Shiites are a minority in Saudi Arabia.

About 70% of the ethnic groups are Arabs, and the other 30% are foreigners. By the way, the Arabs are “Arabic-speaking communities”. The roots go back to the birth of Islam, believe in Islam, and have a strong sense of being a person who speaks the same language. In addition to the Middle Eastern Arabs we image, there are also African Arabs.

This ethnic feature is a feature of Jews and two. Jews are considered to be “people who believe in Judaism”, so it is exactly the same as giving certain religions the role of ethnic category.

2. When was Saudi Arabia built?

The origin of the Saudi Arabian country is surprisingly new age. The Saud family, who has inherited the king of Saudi Arabia, will appear in the 1700s and repeat clashes with other tribes in the Arabian Peninsula region.

The Sayeds founded in 1902 a country that will be the prototype of the current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After that, he overthrew other tribal nations in the Arabian Peninsula region, completing the unification in 1932. Here, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was officially established.

3. Saudi Arabia used to be a poor country

Nowadays, Saudi Arabia has a strong image of a wealthy country rich in oil money, but it was not actually a country rich in crude oil from the beginning.

The discovery of the oil fields that led to the current production of crude oil was about 1938. Even after the oil field was discovered, development did not progress as expected because of World War II, and a decade of hardship continued for ten years from the founding.

After the end of World War II, oil field development was resumed in earnest, and we will build up our position as a “large oil country.” During the 4th Middle East War of 1973, we launched a strategy to stop oil exports to the hostile states and countries that have friendly relations with them.

Oil-based economic and foreign strategies have made it difficult for countries that depend on it to deny Saudi Arabia’s actions.

4. Saudi Arabia is a system of political and religious unity

Saudi Arabia uses “Quran” (the scripture of Islam) as an absolute rule. It is a punishable society if it does not act in accordance with the contents described in the Koran.

For Arabs who believe in Islam, it may not be that hard, but for foreigners who do not believe in Islam, it is a very hard-to-live country.

The standard of the trial is also the Islamic law based on the Koran, so it can not be said that the modern judicial system is in place. As for politics, Islamic law is the first rule.

5. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy dominated by the Sauds

As you can see from the word Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is a country founded by the Saud family. Therefore, even now the main post of the national administration is monopolized by the Saud family. Foreign decisions are also made by the Saud family.

It can not be confirmed that it will be dried if it opposes the Saud family, but it is said that it is difficult to get a high status in the country unless at least a good relationship with the Saud family.

It is the United States that has an alliance relationship with this absolute monarchy country. Saudi Arabia allows US troops to be stationed in Saudi Arabia, and has been criticized by foreign Arab states.

As Saudi Arabia, there is a desire to have a good relationship with the United States, which is a major importer of oil. On the other hand, the United States has a positive attitude towards the alliance with Saudi Arabia so that it can take immediate military action in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden, who was working as an Islamic holy warrior in Saudi Arabia at the time the Sauds brought the United States to the country, forgives him, and later causes the terrorist attacks in the United States.

6. Is the Saud family involved in the Turkish press killings?

As you can see from the political system, it is more difficult to say that the Saud family is not involved in the Turkish reporter’s killing this time.

Unfortunately, the news in Japan has been less reported about the Turkish press killings. Future Saudi Arabia’s actions can only be gathered from major foreign media such as the BBC.

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